Ayudarle a los futuros papás a hacer realidad la idea que tienen para el nacimiento de su bebé.


Viridiana Soto Robles

Fue un excelente curso para mamás primerizas como yo, te ayuda con todas las dudas que tengas y para minimiza los nervios pues te da toda la información necesaria basado en estudios comprobados, Hania es muy amable y dispuesta a ayudar, aparte el interactuar con las demás parejas hace más ameno y divertido el curso. Muchas gracias Hania por éste curso.

Rosa María González

¡Ampliamente recomendado! El tener tanta información y preparación te ayuda a llegar con más tranquilidad y confianza al parto. Hania está muy preparada y actualizada. <3

Maggy Fregoso

Súper recomendado!!
Es bueno tener información confiable sobre todo cuando eres primeriza.
Me dio mucha tranquilidad tomar el curso. 

Stefani Pellinen-Chávez

Working with Hania as our doula for the birth of our daughter is a choice that I will look back on as one of the best decisions of my life. I arrived in Puerto Vallarta about eight months pregnant and a full two weeks before my husband was scheduled to arrive. Initially, working with Hania gave me a sense of comfort and companionship in case my labor started early. After my husband arrived, Hania's fluent mastery of English meant that he knew he'd be perfectly apprised of everything that happened during our hospital birth without me having to translate. What we didn't foresee was how Hania's presence during my labor would translate into a genuinely comfortable and confidant experience for all three of us. Hania's has a broad and highly effective knowledge of different methods to help to ease labor pains and stress. But what I found most valuable about her presence during my labor was the way she looked at me during contractions - as if to say that my work was amazing, she knew that I could do it, and she admired me for doing it. It was encouragement on a level I don't remember ever having experienced. And that look helped to define the way that my husband looked at me too. After 60 hours of close and long contractions with no progress toward delivering our baby, and when you could hear on the monitor that she was beginning to get tired, I consented to a c-section. Hania was able to explain the process to me and help me adjust to my new reality that I wasn't going to have a natural labor. She accompanied me and my husband into the operating room where she made sure that my baby received skin to skin contact as soon as she was delivered. Hania was there for me when I began to panic while the surgeon was closing. The way that Hania talked to me really showed me that she was listening carefully during my labor and that what I said was important to her. That feeling of being listened to and important to someone brought me down from my struggle to find calmness immediately. Finally, in her role as a lactation consultant, Hania was there to help talk me through how to help my daughter to feed and for me to know that experiencing pain is not necessary and is a sign that I could use more help learning to feed my daughter. For all of these reasons, I am deeply grateful to have labored alongside Hania for the birth of my daughter, and would unreservedly recommend her to other women seeking support and comfort

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